Polyurethane foam with polyethylene jacket thermal coating insulation system



Thermapipe® is the most advanced solution in the construction of extended underground or above ground pipe networks for the distribution of hot and cold fluids. Therefore, it is frequently used for central district heating or cooling networks.

Thermapipe® is a broad range of thermal insulation coating products based on polyurethane foam, including rigid and flexible solutions. As per these features, it may be applied on steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, copper, PEX (crosslinked polyethylene) or other materials.

Due to its quick, economical and easy installation, Thermapipe® coated pipes reduce the costs derived from the traditional installation systems by avoiding expensive concrete tunnels and further operations for waterproof results and sealing.

The outer jacket can be both in high density polyethylene, for underground installations, or a spiral sheet (galvanized, aluminium or stainless steel), for above ground installations.



Usually, the termal insulation is obtained applying polyurethane foam on a steel pipe previously coated with anticorrosive epoxy powder (unless, as per technical specification, anticorrosive epoxy powder was not required). The polyurethane foam is poured directly into the annular cavity between the steel pipe and the outer jacket which is supported thereon by polypropylene spacers. This technique ensures a thermal conductivity between 0.024 and 0.027 W/m°C for the final product. For temperatures higher than 148 and up to 250°C, a first layer calcium silicate is applied prior to the polyurethane foam injection. 

The production is made according to European Standards EN 253, 448, 488, 489 and as per the specific project requirements. Besides, it may be applied on elbows, tees, valves and all other fittings. Complementarily, Thermapipe® may be installed along with an electronic surveillance system for the detection and localization of moisture or leaks in the pipeline.